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I am a full-stack Web Developer who enjoys projects of all sizes.

To be clear, I started out primarily as a back-end developer who would implement the bespoke features into projects. This would - by extension - require front-end development to the basic standards we had back in 2009.

Eight years on, and whilst back-end development has been my core skill, it has required front-end development to ever-increasing and far more interesting levels. I enjoy looking at award-winning websites and themes and pulling them apart. There is an addictive quality to the nature of front-end development which produces visible results.

I cover all aspects of Web Development with the experience to prove it - from the mission-critical logic and data requirements of the server-side, to the User Experience and responsiveness of the front-end. 

I take a positive approach to training and supporting developers - in some cases on projects I am not actively involved with. I am modest in person, and believe that although I have a lot to give, others still have a lot they can teach me.

What I Do

  • use current, stable releases of frameworks to build projects that last.
  • Invest time into keeping up to date with techniques to deliver a relevant solution.
  • Write code which is friendly and predictable to developers.
  • Work enthusiastically regardless of project size.
  • Encourage designers to give me a challenge.

What I Don't Do

  • Cut corners. Coding style is vital for project maintainability.
  • Use alpha releases of new technologies for production environments.
  • Clone other client's projects to "save time". Each project is given a unique, tailored approach.


Previous contracts prevent me listing a lot of projects on my portfolio, nor can I demonstrate them without permission. Shame, but I strictly honour agreements. I tend to demonstrate my worth when discussing client projects and how we can build and solve the business needs. My experience covers:

  • Crowdfunding platforms.
  • Custom e-commerce (Symfony) including stocks and sales management with Amazon and Ebay.
  • Sports team and membership management.
  • Javascript/HTML Canvas custom graphing tools.
  • Cross-platorm and native iOS apps.
  • Social networking platforms.
  • Oauth2 APIs.
  • CRMs and HR Management platforms.
  • Countless Wordpress and Opencart websites.

Peace of Mind

I take the approach of my work seriously and have the insurances in place to carry out my skill. By having these, I am saying that I will handle your project professionally and without cutting corners or ripping off resources, and with a minimum of downtime should anything happen to my devices.

  • Professional Idemnity Insurance: £1,000,000
  • Public Liability Insurance: £1,000,000
  • Cyber & Data Insurance: £250,000
  • Equipment Breakdown cover

Get in touch if:

  • You want web or app development work for a project of any size.
  • You are a designer, and need help with the development.
  • You are a web agency needing an experienced extra pair of hands.
  • You are a fellow freelancer needing to lighten the load.