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James Edgeworth

Bespoke Web and Apps

Full-stack web development from a passionate freelancer.

Intricately detailed

Typography, spacings, colours, and other little details make websites look great. Effects bring it to life. I am always keeping up to date with clever concepts and finer details to bring the front-end to life. The designer tells me how she envisions it to look, and my task is to animate it and bring it to market.

Methodically logical

I started out as a back-end developer who would implement design mock-up's as part of the task. I am particular with data validation and database structure in order to deliver functionality without hogging system resources. I write code to PSR-2 compliance, and always think about how readable it will be to another developer. My projects stand the test of time, and aim to remove any "let's start from scratch" if another developer takes on the project.

The technical bits


I can choose which projects to work on, and I work on the belief in the project - and the client's - success. I know what makes projects work, and how to solve the client's requirements. Either that or I let them know and don't deliver broken promises.



I've held leading roles throughout my career in various companies. I have revised development approaches and put companies on ever-increasing paths of success in the industry. I now freelance because I prefer the full involvement with the client, the better work-life balance, and the amazing connections with other like-minded freelancers.

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